Solar Ji


The elegant versatile design
of SOLAR-JI is in a class of its own. Top of the line model developed in 1981 as an insulating Shoji. The unique 2-piece grill opens up and down for additional daylighting and views, nothing else compares.

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Premium model -Yukimi (snow viewing) type
Special moveable grill section within the panel itself
Most versatile model
Maximum views and daylighting
All features of Shoji plus:
2 ways to open

1. Slide complete panel to left/right like standard Shoji
2. Grill section is 2 pieces, so one can move up/down within the panel itself

Rigid wood frame: 1.3125"std. thickness, up to 1.75" with added insulating glazing
Originally designed as insulating window covering
Enhanced insulating: optional additional glazing layers for thermal, sound, light or UV




Shoji Designs since 1981